How fecund they are!

How they have managed to produce so many eggs that they can now spend them on so thriftless another barbaric war among themselves is forever fascinating, eternally perplexing.

And the lack of curiosity is astounding. They never even truly missed the loss of their brethren who have joined us.

good heavens, no, by Tiami and Baho, I would never suggest we not eat them should they trespass, merely that they are so interesting to watch, like they in turn watch ants.

And from such a high place they have fallen, to boot. We shall again have our world, and just as with the scattered remnants on the other lands, here, too, we shall rule over them.

We must bide our time, we must learn them, learn how they think, study them, know them as well as we know ourselves.

Then we strike.

But not now.

The time is not right.

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