The Powers, all of them, are exceptionally powerful beings. The Old Ones are the ones mostly unable to interfere with the world, and when they do it is often with horrific results and manifestations that will make your skin crawl and your belly revolt. Encountering an Old One requires a DC 50 Sanity check.

The rest, though, are active in the world, and always in small ways. In a conversation with Antelle, she described the existence the Powers have as seeing all that is on this planet as if it were all grains of sand on a beach. They have the ability to alter the beach, to move the sands, to change the very make up and nature of the sands, but if they decide they want to focus on a just a single grain of that sand, they have to pause, have to focus their will, and really play close attention.

If you are ever on a beach and you stop and crouch and touch the sand, your fingertip will be covered with many grains, not just one. They have to get down to one grain to look at us, and we are no more than a blade of grass or a gust of wind in this circumstance.

It is easier for them to enact and engage with entire areas of sand than it is to focus on a single grain. And it is here that the enormity of their attention becomes apparent.

For if we are a grain of sand on a beach to them, how much greater than we are they?

Lost Powers

there are some powers who have not been seen since they fell in the God’s War.

Many have claimed that this means they have died. However, this is not possible for the Powers That Be. While they may have forms that are able to be harmed when they manifest, they cannot in truth be killed, for they are not mortal beings, and they are outside the Cycle.

Nevertheless, they have not been seen nor heard of since, and their whereabouts remain unknown or unremarked upon.







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