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The Illuminati

As befits them, they are secret societies so as I have never been a member, I cannot tell you much about any of them. It is known that they are frequently found to have Bards and Envoys as lead agents, and they have mysterious rituals.

To hear them talk, the world is trapped in a secret war has raged on since the end of the God’s War between powers and forces that seek to overthrow the leadership and bring in the Dread powers as a part of the whole, with themselves at the leadership. A few Scholars think there may be something to it, particularly if the Dread Powers are active.

The Illuminati is divided into three aspects: The Duskdanceers, The Dawnbreakers, and The Euphonium.

  • Duskdancers focus on magic and spycraft,
  • Dawnbreakers are more operational and leadership, and
  • Euphonium are the warrior caste of the Illuminati.

All members of the Illuminati are said to start out as Initiates, sworn to utmost secrecy, potentially even via a Geas.

They graduate to Factor, Factotum, Proctor, and finally Steward.

They support one another in secret dealings and use a private language of hand signs, coded phrases, and ancient symbols to mark and communicate among themselves.

What is known is that they have a kind of group at the absolute upper level, called The Table, that oversees them as a whole, and is behind the assertion that Illuminati are part of the reason that we hav no more challenges like the Dire Wars.

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