Necrotic Realm

Source of Necrotic energy. The Necrotic realm is the land of Death, or unLife, of the cruel vagaries of the daily life. It is a land of extremism and undaunted will. It is the realm of the power that drives the undead and that brings harm. It is where is where Liches and Vampires draw from for their horrific powers, even though they, themselves, are not undead.

The Unknown

The Unknown is one of the Seven Mortal Realms, known for constantly dealing with the battles between the living and the dead. It is said that among the many smaller realms of this Plane are those of history and myth, legend and superstition. It is also said that the rulers of the World are indeed, Vampires.

The Unknown is a blasted and twisted world, filled with the walking dead, haunted by angry and vengeful spirits. Here, the phrase “into the unknown” means to walk out one’s door, to try and live a life that has meaning, for while the Unknown is one of the closest of all the reflections there are, it is a world where the dead walk, where death is not an end, merely a fresh horror, and where grave means risk, but not a place.

There is an uneasy truce between The Unknown and both Quietus and The Silence, for the walking and living dead have a predator or two, and those are the Ghasts and the Ghouls, though both also like a bit of the ole freshy fresh.

Some have argued that things cannot possibly as bad as they seem to be – only to be reminded that the dead far outnumber the living, and so the entire world is an ever-ongoing challenge of both survival and trying to live a normal life.


This is where the power to animate zombies, skeletons, mummies, and other undead springs forth. As a space, it occupies much the same kind of strangeness that the Fairywilde does, but instead of being a tangible, physical place, it is entirely and wholly spiritual, immaterial, intangible. Euthania is filled with what is called Night Air. This is the swirling mists and clouds that make up the whole of this plane.

Within the night air, the strange spirits known as Vapours, Miasmas, Pneumas, Zyma, and Humours exist. They are spiritual things, wholly without flesh, and they survive outside the Night Air only for minutes unless they do the simplest thing in the world for them – possess and inhabit the dead. If it can move, they can inhabit it and give it motion, and while they cannot slow down the decomposition of it, they can keep it moving so long as enough of it can be articulated they the ever-shifting mists that they are composed of.

Should their host fail, they can seek a new one, but it must be quick, and it cannot be something still alive. It is for this reason that these same beings are used to manipulate and move golems and similar contraptions, and it is said that Dreadnaughts are empowered by them.


A quiet and solemn plane. Home of Ghouls. Everything in the vast plains of Quietus is seemingly muted, dampened, slowed. It is otherwise a beautiful realm, filled with all manner of wildlife and an incredible diversity of plants, but nothing larger than a horse, and ghouls cannot eat living things – only the dead.


Lycanthropic curses appear to draw from this plane, and it is where Ghasts come from. The Silence is exactly that – silent. No sound exists here, though it is an otherwise pastoral place. There is no wind, and there are trees said to be as old as the Powers here. There are, however, only two things that live within this realm of absolute silence: Ghasts and their primary prey, the Gormen. Gormen are swift, four limbed, broadly built and stout beings occasionally finding themselves within Wyrlde and there they are called Minotaurs. They are the prey and predators of Ghasts, and the same is true for them. Fire does not burn here, and it is said that the air is so poisonous that only those two beings have survived.

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