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Sometimes people from them travel to us, while people from here have sometimes gone to those places, excepting Shades, from which no one has ever returned. In some of them, the Gods live and exist under different names, perhaps with the Old Ones being more powerful or the Powers behaving completely differently.

Each Mortal Realm has an additional challenge in that just as there is the Fairywilde and the Astral and the Ethereal here, they have their own reflections and interact in similar ways with that realm.

Of the Mortal Realms, the two that are closest in nature to Wyrlde are Yrthe and The Bleak.

Yrthe is similar in many ways, though they call Professions there “classes” and they have very different ways of understanding things that often create confusion when they cross over here, or we cross over there.

The Bleak is essentially Wyrlde but without magic as we understand it. There it seems a lot of folks have mental mind powers similar to our psychic ones.

Shades, as noted before, has no magic, no mind powers, noting. It is a strange place that reacts very badly to those who do appear if they are seen doing things using magic to arrive. The downside to it is that once beyond the gate or path of arrival, there is no magic, and so there is no chance of return. People do not regain Mana there, and it bleeds out of them slowly, eventually leaving them with little more than dregs.

The Cycle

From the end of the God’s War, everyone born on Wyrlde grows old and dies, and is reborn in another of the seven mortal worlds based on what they did while they were here, starting The Cycle. Every person on Wyrlde is given to them by the Sisters five Spans of years, and while tide and time may conspire to take from one those years, that is the allotment they are given. Their alignment determines that order, that sequence, and they will live and die on each of those worlds before returning to Wyrlde, born again.

Each passing divides the Five Selves anew and recycles the parts unused. The five Selves are Body, Heart, Mind, Soul, and Spirit. This is called the Quintelan.

In this, these core parts of each person’s Self, we know the body is the flesh, the mind is thought, the heart is emotion, the soul is essence, and the spirit is purpose. For each of the Mortal Realms beyond the Ephemeral, only two parts are saved, until they come back to Wyrlde, and their parts are reunited for another start to the cycle.

In rare or unusual circumstances, someone may be summoned or reincarnated from outside the Cycle, outside the Cosmos. They are Incarnates, and are considered uniformly weird, but they, too, are subject to the Cycle thereafter. Antelle calls it the “hotel kalifornya complex”.

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