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We all have some basics we are dealing with, and those are already in progress! You may already have some of these chosen, so don’t stress it.



Nickname (s)

We all have a name, and many of us have short or diminutive versions of it, and others have names that arise out of familiarity. Names on Wyrlde don’t have a “pattern”. The only thing that tends towards more common is that feminine persons tend to have names that begin and end with vowels and masculine persons have names that begin and end with consonants. Full names can be three to five syllables long, nicknames are usually a single syllable. Even with that, however, name them whatever you want!

True Name

We all have a true name as well, and in some families, this is a sacred and secret thing, while in others it is just open to anyone.




Astrological Sign


The year and the day you start playing for the first time is the 1st day of the year 300.You can pick the day you are born. There are 13 months with 28 days each. Each year has four Seasons, and many folks reckon by those.

Cool, huh? Your sign is determined by your birthday, but you get to pick the Arena you feel you fit into. All of this is described in the Codexalia.



Sexual Orientation

Attraction Type

Gender is a choice, with how you express it being an individual thing. Like everywhere else, Wyrlde has always had a multiplicity of gender. With a few of the deities being variant themselves, it is recognized as a normal and simple part of the whole of humanity. Gender Variance runs in about 7% of the population. All of the languages have specific terms and appellations for gender variant people, and they have occupied all strata of society.

Although linguistically there are three broad categories of gender recognized (masculine, feminine, and neutrois), there are seven major groupings of gender recognized: Men, Women, Demiwomen, Demimen, Enby, Demiby, and Anby.

Anby are without a gender that relates to the wider world, though how it manifests is individual.

Demiby are those who tend to be more fluid and flexible in their gender when it comes to masculinity, femininity, both, or neither.

Demimen are mostly, but not wholly, masculine individuals.

Demiwomen are mostly, but not wholly, feminine individuals.

Enby are folks who occupy a space directly between or who combine the aspects of man and woman, including switching between them.

Men are masculine individuals.

Women are feminine individuals.

Something of note to the aspect of Gender is that Lemurians are absolutely hostile to anyone violating the rigid roles and expressions dictated by the rulers of Lemuria. The penalty is death. Which is shocking considering that they all pretty much look the same physically. Ogres at least have genuine variance.

Sexual Orientation is “To Women”, “To Men”, “To Enby”, To Anby”, “To Any”, “To Some”, and “To None”. What you are doesn’t matter.

Attraction Type is, well, your Type. What type of person are you attracted to? It is ok if you don’t have a clue yet – a lot of folks don’t.



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