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Each character has three deities they can choose to follow. One is always their primary, and the others are ones they have been consecrated for. You can choose from any of the deities available. These are recorded as your Faiths: Principal, Secondary, Tertiary. You do not have to pick three, and you can choose to turn your back on all of them.

Note that Clerics & Shrinewards can only have one, and that Paladins must have three.

You can learn more about the deities of Wyrlde in The Codexalia.

The HostsBrightQetzaMansaKybeleGaeaTamasinUlulaniVulcana

The Powers That Be are the primary deities, and briefly laid out in the following. They are the only ones who seek converts, who give power and spells, who can be invoked during Ordeals, and who are able to change or shape the world at whim. Settlements will have a Shrine to at least one – large cities will even have a Temple to at least one of them, usually two, as well as two shrines. These are the Patron powers of that Realm. Towns, villages, and hamlets may have shrines to others, but all will have at least one shrine to one of the patrons.

It is worth noting that Urisha has no temples, no shrines, and is only known to some, mostly comments and concerns spoken of within the walls of the adventurer’s guild. Qetza, Mansa, Timur, and Belial are the only masculine Powers That Be.

Powers of the WorldChicoryAcaciaBeauOremusErishuCharonBaen

The Powers In The World are uninterested in worship, unlikely to intervene, but more likely to take an interest. They are unlikely to engage or defend someone to grant power unless it wholly favors a task or goal of thiers, and they do not approve of ordeals.

They do have shrines raised to them, but not formal or large ones, and never in settlements.

The Old OnesSkyfatherHearthmotherDawnbringerSunshineFastingstar

The Old Ones are all present, spoken of in whispers and secret places. They have no temples, no shrines outside a home or a single room, and are unlikely to respond to any entreaties. They are interested in Worship but lack the power to change or shape the world, though they may on occasion influence it. They cannot grant power or spells, and do not alter ordeals. Chance and Fate are invoked through them, however, in the form of the Sisters.

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