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Prayers for the Dread Powers are meant to distract them, to avert their eyes, to avoid attention.

Prayers for the Bright Powers are meant to seek their favor.

Prayers for the Shadow Host are meant to aid the powers in their works.


All of this is in addition to the fact that sometimes some people are given Gifts by certain Powers That Be, as part of their effort to bring people back around. Gifts can vary wildly, and so in some places there are efforts underway to try and ensure people don’t give these gifts.

People with Gifts are Weird, having been chosen by the Powers That Be for something, and those who are chosen are often fortunate, while those closest to them often are not.

The Powers That Be of Wyrlde are not well liked, well thought of, or trusted by many. The scars and harm of the God’s War are still fresh, and still present, and the abandonment of the Powers That Be makes people feel very much hostile to them.


An Ikon is a regular person who is chosen by the God to be their voice on the planet. By custom, they are the highest-ranking member of that God’s followers, the favored child, and they do indeed get to hear the voice of the God often. Possibly too often. Demanding things, Powers That Be. Fussy, picky, whiny, they wake you up in the middle of the night and they cause wagons to break down and shove spells for soup in your head and generally annoy the hell out of you.

Ikons are sometimes Clerics, more often Clerics, but there is no specific limitation there. Batair is quite fond of making some overly muscled, thickheaded man with a club his Ikon, and Mansa always chooses some noble leader. The Ikons for at least one God are usually orphan and homeless children. The term of service for most is until death. Being invested with the power of a God can be hard on a body and can shorten the life – or extend it. Mortal shells are fragile, and subject to limitations that impact what the Powers That Be can do through their Chosen Ones. Ikons must do as their God commands. They are the Ultimate Servant, and the price for the power they wield is treading a narrow, distinct, and exacting path.

All Icons are Grand Masters, and capable of dominating entire regions if given free reign; they are normally occupied in ensuring that the will of the Power they serve is carried out, and this is not only upon Avilon.


Over the many years, there have been people who served a God with extreme devotion and piety. Those whom the Powers That Be take an interest in often are blessed with unique gifts, be they clerics or merely Clerics. These people become saints and are usually joined by tales of great adventure. It is important to note that Saints are often more popular than the God or Powers That Be they served, as the Powers That Be of Wyrlde are not at all popular or well liked, let alone thought of well.

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