Across all the Dimensions, there is one constant and unchanging thing, and that is The Firmament. The firmament is all of Creation, and within the Firmament lies all the reflections and all the shadows of Reality, of the Ephemeral Dimension and the parts of the Plane of Mortality.

The Firmament is an ovoid, and the Sun lies at its center. The Firmament moves, it rotates in a slow unwinding, and it is within the surface of the Firmament that all the stars of the Night Sky rest and reside. It is impenetrable to anything, it is unaffected by anything, and it is untouched by anything. It takes 60 years for the Firmament to complete a single revolution.

It is also notable that the space within it carries sound, though not far, and that there is air, but it is thin and weak, and space is unimaginably cold.

There is nothing beyond the vast Sphere of Night, no existence beyond the Firmament. This is because the Dread Powers That Be sealed Wyrlde off from the broader universe ages ago. They are very proud of that, and while other Powers have sought to restore Wyrlde to the broader Universe ever since, there are a dozen reasons they remain unable to do so.

The Sun

The sun is an A class star with very white light that is also cooler and lacks much of the UV risks associated with the light from it. It is said that it was not always that way – that it was changed during the God’s War. The sun is known to house at least two abominations from the God’s War.

Wyrlde is centered within the habitable zone for the star, and has three moons that circle it, but little else in terms of space debris. The sun rises in the East and sets in the West.

The Stars

Each star in the sky is the brightly burning presence of some hero of Wyrlde – most unremarked, unknown, save to those Powers who witness all. The stars are both the prisons and the rewards., and war criminals are often trapped in eternal torment in certain stars, while legendary heroes are given glory and happiness everlasting in pocket dimensions in the stars.

The stars were placed there initially by Kybele, who set forth the original constellations of the Arenas and the astrological signs.

The Heavens Above

There are six comets that pass through, four of them close enough to be seen with the naked eye from Wyrlde. There is also a strange extrasolar effect that passes through at strange times and in an unpredictable path so far –this has been called Skyfall.


Guardian is a gas giant, 80,000 miles in diameter, with 25 moons that circle it in patterns that pass in between the 7 rings that surround it at varying angles to the planetary plane and with different periods. Guardian orbits the Sun in 364 days, speeding along in its orbit of 400 million miles from the star.


Squire is a rocky planet, about 11,460 miles in diameter, that completes a solar year in 450 days. It has no moons, and orbits around 300 million miles from the star.

The Twins, Kure and Kare

Kure and Kore have a solar orbit of 200 million miles, are synched, and have orbits that are at a 45 degree angle to the solar plane. Kure has a small moon. Each planet is 5500 miles in diameter, and they complete their solar year in 336 Days.


Beyond Wyrlde is another planet in the habitable zone that has a diameter of 6,000 miles, with an atmosphere and a single moon. It has a solar orbit of 150 million miles.


This is work concerned with Wyrlde.

Between Wyrlde and the Sun lie two planets, smaller than Wyrlde. Both are furiously hot and uninhabitable.


Gadoon has a year of 125 days, and a diameter of 3,280 miles. It has a solar orbit of 75 million miles.


Amtria has a year of 63 days, and a diameter of 1,433 miles. It has a solar orbit of 50 million miles.

Oorian Field

At 500 million miles from the star, enclosing the whole of the Firmament, lies an oort cloud of particles and debris roughly ¼ mile thick and composed primarily of crystalline material ranging in size from a grain to a couple dozen miles in diameter.


There are 7 comets, five of which are visible from Wyrlde, that have solar periods varying from 50 to 364 years.


There are a lot of large rocks that are just out there floating in the firmament. They range from the size of a fist to a couple hundred miles in diameter and vary widely in composition. Some are even suspected of being hollow.

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