One of the more complicated groupings, this is a catch all for the Spirits of the World, the dis-, semi-, and incorporeal beings that inhabit assorted places around the world. Naiads, Dryads, and a host of other beings occupy places and will often defend or protect them.

Spirits are a powerful and potent force, rarely to be underestimated, and they are everywhere. Many have Shrines raised to them or have made deals with people. They are often confused with Fae or Elementals, and Spirits often rely on that misunderstanding. These Spirits are a part of the Wyrlde – killing them kills the world, a little bit at a time. Killing the world kills those who live and dwell within it, like us. As a result, these Spirits have significant capability to defend and protect themselves and the world.

Spirits are of particular importance to Melanie, Antelle, Ululani, and Tamasin.


The Numen are the Wee Folk, who dwell among those things made by People, called into being by wonder and awe and family. It is said that a home with a loved Numen is always clean, that garments are always mended, that food never spoils. Conversely, a home where the Numen are mistreated or ignored may have significant troubles.


The Oloshe are a darker spirit, more violent, less kind, and given to the harder edges of life. Oloshe are dark spirits, cunning, potent, and to call them mischievous makes Imps seem downright pleasant.


The Qira are nature’s presence, the things that dwell in the wild places and the special places, often acting as Shrine guardians and just as often the way that a Shrine is identified as suitable.


The Jinja are spectral, wispish, seen out of the corner of the eyes when sensed, can be malevolent or benevolent, are concerned with pleasures that can be varied and wild, and delight in involving themselves in the affairs of mortals. Shamans are most famous for their bargains with Jinja.


The Halaso are brought into being by strong emotions and portentous events, thereafter remaining and defining a space. It is said that they are psychic emanations by some, and others, such as Shamans, just say they are the force behind psychic spaces.


Ghosts are not planar – they are the cursed dead. It is possible to curse someone so that their Quintelan is bound here, trapped and often fractured in some way, such that they are unable to move on unless the curse is lifted, or the circumstances forced upon them are changed.

Ghosts can be harmless or extremely dangerous and deadly – the things and events that make a ghost are myriad and not fully understood, but few who are ghosts are happy with their state of being, for they are no longer in the Cycle, and are trapped.

Ghosts are weak against Radiant energies, and susceptible (like all things) to the voids. Voids do not free them, however, merely discorporate them, and Radiant causes them to fade for a time, but they will return.

Ghosts can only be freed through solving a problem that lifts a curse. A curse always has a solution, but it is always out of the grasp of the Ghost. They cannot be exorcised or turned away, and they require Arts to understand and communicate – so they can be terribly angry, very frustrated, and often violent.

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