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There are five broad types of Salathen (Sky, Sea, Soil, Sand, and Smoke), each broken into around a dozen or half dozen kinds, and they are all very dangerous. It is said that they predate all the Peoples on the world. They are six limbed, often vaguely resemble a dragon in some ways, or perhaps a big lizard. They have peculiar eyes that have three pupils surrounded by a comingled iris of assorted colors and horizontally slit nostrils. Some have fur, some have scales, and some seem to combine aspects of different animals. Among the assorted types occasionally seen, however, are Agrainians, Silurians, Floridians, Venturians, and something that is usually just referred to as a walking wall.

Salathen comprise an entire system unto themselves – and they especially enjoy eating the things the Gods made. Legends say that Dragons are a kind of Salathen, and that among them are some strange beasts that seem to be combinations of different animals – including people and horses! How hilarious. Probably just some sort of therian.

Thankfully, it is rare to encounter Salathen in the Bright Realms, as they tend to be mostly confined to wherever it is they come from.


Silurians are the best known of the Sand Salathen, found everywhere sand is.


Floridians are the best known of the Sea Salathen, found everywhere water is. They are separated from sea serpents and related water monsters because they generally don’t spend the bulk of their time in the water, merely near it.


Arkanians are the best known of the Sky Salathen, found everywhere. Most reported Dragon Sightings are actually of Sky Salathen.


Venturians are the best known of the Smoke Salathen, found everywhere smoke is a normal thing and the heat of the earth is great. This fortunately places them mostly in places to the southeast, and around volcanoes – but there are other regions, often near hot springs. is.


Agrainians are the best known of the Soil Salathen, found everywhere earth is. They are burrowers, and they are a somewhat natural predator of buletes.

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