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Flags of Wyrlde

P13685#y1 Perhaps the most important core symbol of general use is the Flag of the Realm. Flags of the Realms denote what realm the folks encountered are from. From those flags comes an entire field known as Vexiladry, which is concerned with the flags of the houses and troupes and assorted other elements – everything has a flag on Wyrlde, from a merchant who has only ever sold from a single stall to the personal flags of the retainers of a noble.

Heralds are responsible in each realm for keeping it all straight, and any claim or use for such must be approved. Even the Adventurer’s Guild has flag for all the assorted Troupes, or parties of adventurers, that form for common benefit.

Flag Parts

P13688#y1 All flags on Wyrlde follow a fairly simple design, initially created to identify units and groups on the battlefields of the God’s War. Flags can be hung horizontally or vertically, and they have to be designed to do so, so they are always purpose crafted. The shape is a banner, flat on one end and pointed on the other, usually twice as long as they are high.

Flags have four areas of fill, and the colors always have meaning and symbolism of some sort for each area, with two areas typically being the same color since they are a single field.

The square portion, upper or to the left of the flag, is the “simple” version of a flag – emblazoned on tabards or a shield or similar things. The purpose area, to the left or below, is always pointed, and is going to be the same color as the primary Field.

P13691#y1 In this area, a symbol of purpose is usually set, commonly one of four basic forms for Exploration, War, Patrols, and Peace. A General may have their personal symbol set there to mark their area in a battle, for example.

Within the square area of the Field there is a Medallion. The Medallion is a circle, indicating that they have self-autonomy to a degree. Within the Medallion is the Allegiance. Within the Empire, this is a triangle, and is always supposed to be pointing up, though Aztlan has differing ideas about that. Within the Allegiance is a symbol for the Realm itself of some sort – indicating that they also have allegiance to themselves.

The flags are known to change over time. The current flags of the assorted realms are shown in the image.

The flags are Sibola, Aztlan, Dorado, Qivira, Lyonese, Akadia, Durango, The Sea Realms, Hyboria, Kahokia, Antilia, Lemuria, Thule, and Bermuda. Duat has no flag, though one time after a raid, a group of them marched around with a pole, using a dirty diaper as a flag. Duatians make no sense.

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