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Mashenists are not, sadly, only interested in making life easier and improving the lot of the ordinary person. Some are dark, and often they have picked up the same cues from wizards, and sorcerers, and warlocks, in the fabrication of monstrosities.


The God’s War was absolutely devastating to the entire planet, not merely to the Ancient Lands. The people had spread far and wide across the lands, and built many places that were special, and even sacred.

Wherever people were, the Powers That Be fought. The Powers That Be tried many things before they turned to creating the young peoples. The most devastating and fearful of them all were the Dreadnaughts.

Dreadnaughts are machines built for the sole purpose of destroying life, and they feed on all things. But they were often left alone, or abandoned, and the places where they were made, the vast forges, were not shut down. Some say these forges are still out there, somewhere, still building them, though the materials are rare and there does not appear to be anyone still mining for them, let alone who might know who how to make them or what to make them from. It is rumored that Dreadnaughts are not the only things of their kind left over from the ancient days – that a few attempts to create soldiers exist as well.

There are several distinct kinds of Dreadnaughts. Each has vitredur armor around its inner workings, but all are still able to be felled, and vitredur is a valuable material, as are many of the other parts from these things.

Dreadnaughts are not alive. They have no Soul, but it would not be something you could tell. They will stalk, hunt, and kill people, and there are rumors of the Goblins even using them. They are animated by forces from the necrotic plane, however. There are a dozen types of Dreadnaught, ranging in size from the horse sized Charger to the immense Thunderer.

The advice of the wisest is that when you see a Dreadnaught, you run. You run for all you are worth, and you do not stop until it goes back into sleep.

Let sleeping Dreadnaughts lie.


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