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Knightly Orders

Many who rightfully call themselves “knight” earn that title as part of one of the knightly orders.

These knighthoods are secular and nongovernmental organizations of warriors who follow a philosophy, or consider themselves a kind of extended family. Although there are organizations, such as the Knights of the Black Lotus, that use the trappings of knighthood without necessarily being warriors, most folk of Wyrlde who hear the word “knight” think of a mounted warrior in armor beholden to a code.

Below are a few knightly organizations.

Knight: Black Lotus

Knight: Red Masque

Knight: Round

Knight: Silver Chalice

Knight: Unicorn

Knight: White Rose

Knight: Wild Heart


The Knights Of The Unicorn began as a fad of romantically minded sons and daughters of noble families in Sibola. On a lark, they took the unicorn as their mascot and went on various adventures for fun. The reality of the dangers they faced eventually sank in. Over time the small group grew and spread, gaining a following in places as far as Durango. The Knights of the Unicorn are chivalric adventurers who follow romantic ideals: life is to be relished and lived with laughter, quests should be taken on a dare, impossible dreams should be pursued for the sheer wonder of their completion, and everyone should be praised for their strengths and comforted in their weaknesses. The Knights are always men.

Long ago, the Knights Of White Rose were a famous adventuring band, and Dove Falconhand, one of the famous Seven Sisters, was one of them. The band took its name to honor the legendary Ancient City, just as the new Knights of White Rose do today. With the city in ruins, Dove Falconhand decided to reform the group with the primary goal of building alliances and friendship between the civilized Bloodlines of the world and goodly people to combat evil. Their members, each accepted by The White Rose herself, are above all valiant and honest. Today, they are both a Syndicate and a Clan in Durango. The Knights of the White Rose are always women.

The Knights Of The Silver Chalice was formed by edict of the demigod Siamorf in Antilia a century ago. Siamorf’s ethos is the nobility’s right and responsibility to rule, and the demigod is incarnated as a different noble mortal in each generation. By the decree of the Siamorf at that time, the Knights of the Silver Chalice took it upon themselves to put a proper heir on the Council and reestablish order in the region. Since then, they have grown to be the most popular knighthood in Antilia, a region that has hosted many knighthoods in fealty to the Council. A side note: Siamorf is thought to be Urisha, one of the Powers That Be.

When it comes to the Knights Of The Black Lotus, little is known about this group of mostly older, retired people with military backgrounds other than their love for a complex strategy game with arcane rules and strange piece, the rarest of which is the Black Lotus.

The Knights Of The Red Masque are one of the more popular orders for when you need things done that the others would find distasteful, this order is famous for the blood red masks they always wear, carved in grimacing and horrible faces. These masks are worn any time they are out in public.

The order of the Knights Of The Round, created in honor of a find in an ancient ruin, always follows the Code of Chivalry, but they are also among the cheapest to hire. While they do have Paladins among their membership, they are not the main body.

The Knights Of The Wild Heart serve the interests of Antelle and Paria, who often partner up on whatever the latest machinations of the Powers That Be are at that time. Founded 23 years ago in Qivira, it has a distinct Code that is kept secret and known only to members. The Wild Hearts are said to be entirely without gender.

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