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Challenge Ratings

Challenge Ratings Challenge Ratings are modified for Wyrlde. Overall, Wyrlde’s creatures are tougher, meaner, and more capable of killing a whole party with ease. There are 42 core Challenge levels, and 10 more that are used for larger creatures, giving a single creature the possibility of being a CR 50. There are no creatures on […]

Codexalia Wyrldica Critteralia

Critteralia Briefs

Critteralia For much of the last 40 years, a booklet is often found among the hands and in the hearts of many folks of the land. Typically fashioned of a rough paper, printed on a press, bound in a thick cover, and scattered throughout the land, they are nearly ubiquitous. It is certain that at […]

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Denizens & Their Relations

The Planes and the Dimensions that are that laid out within them are all inhabited by beings of greater power as well as mortals and lesser beings. Those beings of greater power are all ultimately the Children of the Powers that Be, and the descendants of those Powers, and they operate within the Mortality as […]

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The God’s War

The God’s War Come, come, be welcome and unweary! Sit, sit! I have fashioned tea and brought water, and you see there the fruit and the bakings, so help yourself and become comfortable, for we will tell the tale of the End of the World and the Birth of the World, and should I do […]

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