Twenty Questions

Wyrlde is a role-playing game, and it is a role-centric version thereof. The meaning of this is that you, as a player, are taking on the role of the person you are creating yourself to be in and on this world. It is really kinda cool when you think about it – regardless of if you are an incarnate or an intrinsic, your liminal self gets to decide things and affect time and space in the moment (or not – liminal, and all). I admit I was a little freaked out and might not have paid much attention – hence the being a faery.

In any case, there was a game we used to play that you should play now that might help you to come to know this person you will be. We called it twenty questions – and the premise was that you could ask 20 questions about something and then make a guess as to what it was. This is a little easier in a lot of ways, but the questions aren’t always the easiest sorts. So, let’s go!

  • What is your motto?

Mottos are short, pithy sayings that represent an ideal of the character or something they value. A good motto isn’t more than 120 characters. Mottos are optional.

  • What are you afraid of?

Three things that scare the bejeezus out of the character. No character is without fear. Even a Therian Vanguard has something that will terrify them during a berserk rage.

  • What do you want to do with your life?
  • What do you long for or yearn for?
  • What do you hope to achieve one day?

Everyone has something they long for, they plan for, they hope to achieve some day – even if it isn’t realistic.

It could be a nice chunk of land, a place to belong, a kingdom to call their own, a good hot meal and a warm bath.

Desires can change over time, so pick one to three that your character will start with – they can be simple or elaborate – up to you.

Place of Birth








House Home


Village Remains


Home of a Physic


Inn or Public House


An infirmary


Keep or Fort


















Guild House




Settlement Refuge




On a boat or a ship


Home of a family friend


Rubbish Heap


Family Home



  • In what sort of a place were you born?

Not in terms of your Homeland, but more about the locale of your birth.

Here’s a quick table for ya if you want.

  • How do you come into the world and why did that happen?
  • Who are your parents?

Surprisingly, everyone has parents – they just may not have been all that involved.

  • This can also be a way to ask Who raised you?

The goal being to have some rough idea of who your parents were, what they did to put food on the table and make clothes for your back. What has become of them in the years since?

  • Do you have any siblings?

He, She, They – were you an only child (a rarity) or did you have siblings? Of course, this raises additional questions. You went off to be an adventurer.

  • How many siblings and what did they get named?
  • Who is older, who is younger?
  • What became of them?
  • Do you get along with them?

No need to go into detail, just a sentence is fine. This is the environment you grew up in.

  • What is your favorite childhood memory?

Everyone has one – and they don’t always share it. It becomes cherished, and special.

  • Why did you gain the background you chose? What led you to that?

This is to help you tie things together with what you have so far with where you are going to be headed.

  • What was significant event in your life?

This is a major thing that left a lasting mark you still have to this day, other than the one you already got

  • What are two personality traits you have?

Not in the sense of “Witty” or “Charming”, but in the sense of something they have done or do that speaks to the kind of personality they have. A “show, not tell” kind of thing. For example, Arabesque is prone to dancing and humming to herself while she travels. I am an early riser. Ok, no, not really, I sleep like the dead and that’s why I find places up high to crash.

  • What are two of your personal ideals?

Yes, you thought about the values you have, the sins and the virtues, but now we put them together to form a trait that is descriptive of how you put those into practice.

  • Who do you care about the most?

For Rafael, he has a granddaughter that he dotes on.

  • What is your favorite possession?

Yeah, I know you haven’t gotten there yet, but you will. It might not be your trinket, but it could be something like that.

  • Where are you most at home?

Have you found it, or are you still looking or that place that speaks to your inner self?

  • Do you want to find love?

Not everyone does. Just as important as the simple yes, no, maybe is what does it look like for you when you find it? This can matter in the game if your DM uses romance storylines.

2nd Level Session

In this session, we will focus on which they favor and which they do not, and then turn to another round of 20 questions.

By Second Level, you have undergone some trials that have challenged and tested you, and so it is a good time to add in and revisit aspects of your character. Among those things you can do is another round of 20 Questions!

Quirks & Habits

What sort of Posture do they have?

What kind of walk do they have?

What are two common gestures they tend to make without thought (tapping lips, curling hair, fidgeting)?

Are they optimistic or pessimistic?

Are they organized (neat) or cluttered (messy)?

Do they like to plan or do they prefer to wing it?

How do they prefer to resolve conflicts?


What is their favorite color?

What are their two favorite accent colors?

What’s their favorite meal?

What is their favorite gemstone?

What is their favorite flower?

What is their favorite kind of pet?


What is their least favorite color?

What are their two least favorite accent colors?

What’s their least favorite meal?

What is their least favorite gemstone?

What is their least favorite flower?

What is their least favorite kind of pet?

20 Questions

Here are 20 more questions to ask, having had a bit of time in the character…

Do they have any allergies, diseases, or other ailments?

What phrases are they known for saying?

Do they have any bad habits?

What are their biggest pet peeves? What annoys them?

What is the greatest extravagance they allow themselves?

What do they hope for themselves in 20 years?

What is the worst thing a person can do?

What would they give their life for, if anything?

Is there anything they’d refuse to do, under any circumstances?

What is their earliest memory?

Growing up, what did they enjoy doing?

Growing up, who were their friends?

What’s their favorite story from during their apprenticeship?

When was the first time they fell in love?

Who is important in their life now?

Who has influence over them and how?

Can they be vulnerable?

Can they let others protect them?

Who can they let others protect?

Why can they let others protect?

5th Level Session

By Fifth Level, you have undergone some trials that have challenged and tested you, and so it is a good time to add in and revisit aspects of your character. Among those things you can do is another round of Questions!


What is the best thing they’ve ever done?

What is their best memory?

What is their worst memory?

What is their biggest secret?

What is their greatest regret?

What is the most important thing to ever happen to them?

What is their greatest achievement?

What is the evilest thing they’ve ever done?

What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to them?

When was the time they were the most frightened?

When was the time they were most excited?

What is their most embarrassing moment?

Now is a good time to revisit some of your answers from before, in other sessions, and see if they still work or fit.

And that’s it. If you don’t know your character by now, well, you’ve got some work to do!

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