The Triplets: Chance, Fate, and Fortune

This is only somewhat a metaphor, for it is said that all the things that have come to pass have been woven before, and that the patrons for all divination and all foresight are the Triplets, who were before Wyrlde, who are in the now and who will be until they can card no more, spin no more, weave no more, and cut no more.

You already know them. We need not say more. For some reason, their existence is part of everything that walks, and even the Old Ones – even Belial himself, tread lightly before them. Perhaps the only one who does not is Chicory, but she is a work unto herself. They can appear as anything, and different measures have them in different forms, but always, always they are about, and it is said the only Power that they stand equal to is Chicory herself. They are those who pluck the Stuff of Fate, set the Wheel of Destiny, spin the thread, and weave the tapestry of a single life, and it is said that Chicory’s thread, like their own, lies dormant and unmarked.

It is said the Triplets were the ones who let the Dread Powers That Be in, who wove their ascension, and wove their defeat, and that the tapestry they weave now bears portents and omens of a change to come. It is also said these Powers That Be are so old, they came with Man to Wyrlde. It is said that while the Bitter Road was taken, while the Bleak Journey was made, they bargained with the Powers and set the Tapestry of Wyrlde apart, and now they spin only it.

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