The People of the Celestial






Mortal Parent

Wealth Bonus

20 sp




57 to 75 in.


Celestial Resistance


50 to 150 lbs.




175 years


Infernal Weakness

Hair Colors











Eye Colors



























P14560C1T153#yIS1 Seraph are mortals who carry a spark of the Celestial within their souls, descended from a celestial being or infused with heavenly power. They can fan that spark to bring light, ease wounds, and unleash the fury of the heavens.

Seraph can arise among any population of mortals – human, demihuman, halfling, or humanoid – and yet will still have the same general appearance.

Angels, Valkyries, and Malakim are the antecedents of all Seraph, and their particular natures also give rise to certain aspects of the children they spawn.

Angels, Valkyries, and Malakim are the antecedents of all Seraph, and their particular natures also give rise to certain aspects of the children they spawn.

Their fondness for the engaged is a well-marked point, and many a time is it that only a few short months into a marriage, along comes a child far too early that grows far too fast.

Like their infernal cousins, Seraph survive in small groups, focused very much on their mortal parent, while they also tend to avoid cities, preferring steadings, hamlets, and villages. There are many who use their gifts for personal gain, for their heritage does not actually affect their personality. They may be swindlers, con artists, and bards.

The Children of the Celestials – Angels, Malakim, and Valkyries – and some mortal, they are always going to be either the direct children or grandchildren of such a union. Like their infernal cousins, they are marked by their heritage – Halos for those descended from Angles, a shimmery shroud like an aura around them for those descended from malakim, and a dusting of metallic, white, or charcoal freckles with a shimmering rainbow hue to their skin for Valkyries.


Seraph are vegan, to a person. They are not able to process meat or alcohol – it makes them ill and will incapacitate them.

As a result of this, they tend to be isolated. Seraph are often hounded by local folks for assorted blessings and invocations – usually with a rude response if not given. This has taught Seraph that people are not to be trusted easily, as they always want something from you.

The reality is that being Seraph does nothing but mark them as separate and has no effect on their personality. As there are nice Cambions, there are wicked Seraph. Though, in both cases, their forebears would often take offense.

Seraph almost never have much contact with their Celestial parent. Those who do have such very briefly, typically without awareness at the time, and so are given the teaching of their mortal parentage. Seraph can have Elfin, Dwarf, Human, or Triton mortal parentage.


Most are simply very aware of how people respond to them and avoid crowds where their presence may invoke a scene. Seraph tend to be very reserved around strangers, mistrustful, and while some may live up to the expectations of many, choosing service as a Cleric or Shrine Maiden, others will turn to corruption and mislead others. There is no telling.

As a result, most Seraph tend to be aloof, distant, and shy, staying away from the center of attention where the pressure is much less.

Someone who befriends a Seraph usually has a long journey to get close to them, but once they do, they have made a friend that deserves loyalty of a high order.


People have a mixed sense of the Seraph – they are both scary and useful, as they are thought to bear the blessings of the Gods. Shopkeepers tend to be more willing to bargain; town watches tend to give them a pass or presume they are the injured party; they tend to get called out as exemplars just walking by.


Seraph are startling to look on, filled with a divine effervescence that makes their pearlescent, milky skin glow faintly in the dark with a wan light, as just one of the marks that has been left on their appearance due to this familial past. Their teeth are uniformly smooth and white and there is no point anywhere within them.

Seraph are an androgynous people, blending features we associate with masculinity and femininity into an uneasy neutral point that makes determining their overall gender very difficult. They are generally thin, with vary little difference between men and women physically in build or other shape.

Seraph are not physically well endowed naturally, but some tend to enhance themselves to change perceptions. Seraph weigh much less than they would appear to. They tend toward lighter, lithe frames and have a sense of softness and rounded edges to their features.

They resemble their mortal parents, but they often have features that hint at their celestial heritage. These often begin subtle and become more obvious when the Seraph gains the ability to reveal their full celestial nature.


Those descended from Angels will have shining halos over their heads.

Those descended from Malakim will have a strange shimmery shroud around them like an aura.

Those descended from Valkyries will have a dusting of metallic, white, or charcoal freckles and a bit of shimmering rainbow hued light to their skin.

Once per Degree of Mastery per day, a Seraph can shed Celestial Light from themselves in a radius of 10 feet for up to one hour. This light will withstand all other darkening effects.


You are Resistant to Celestial damage.


As an action, you can touch a creature and heal them. This healing cannot cure diseases or arrest or block the effects of conditions, it only provides basic healing of Hit Points, and does not restore Vitality.

The creature regains a number of hit points equal to your proficiency bonus. At each Degree of Mastery you can choose to either add another amount of healing equal to your proficiency bonus or choose to add an additional time you can use it per day.

You can do this three times per rising of the Sun and only so long as you have at least a short rest between such.


You have Weakness to Infernal Damage.

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