The Planet

Wyrlde is an Earth-like planet with four continents, two permanent polar icecaps, and a very slight axial tilt that makes for seasons which are still quite mild overall. The axial tilt of only about 12 degrees means that the tropics are very narrow, and the arctic regions are as well.

  • Type: Class M (Temperate )
  • Distance: 103.3 million miles
    • Perihelion: 99.98 million miles
    • Aphelion: 106.1 million miles
    • Revolution: Counter clockwise
  • Mass: 1.12345 × 1025 lb
  • Density: 3.14 oz/in3
  • Diameter: 5,730 miles
  • Circumference: 18,000 miles
  • Gravity: 30.01 ft/s2
  • Average Temperature: 58 F, 15 C
  • Rotation: 23.99997 hours
  • Solar Year: 364 Days
  • Axial Tilt: 11.71
    • Precession: 25,000
  • Atmospheric Density: 0.125 lb/cu ft
    • Composition: 66% N2 – 30% O2, 4% other.
    • Hydrosphere: 69%, Freshwater 7%
  • Seismicity: Active

The Moons

Wyrlde has a total of three lunar bodies in a complex dance that circle around it. On any given day on Wyrlde, there is a strong likelihood of there being some moon visible the entire time. The moons each have a peculiar color to them, as well. The moons are used to form the basis of the Wyrlde year, covering seasons, months, and weeks.


Coyola is green and blue in color, with patches of white that seem to move and drift across it. Coyola is about a fifth the size of Wyrlde overall, taking up space about the size of an outstretched palm without the fingers in the sky. Coyola has an individual revolution of about 7 days, and Coyola’s Cycle is 28 days, with the Full moon on the 15th day and the new Moon on the first. Coyola is linked to lycanthropy and is visible starting only at Dusk and setting at Dawn. Like most of the world’s aspects, Coyola is frighteningly regular. Coyola rises in the West and sets in the East.


Sina is a pink, white, and pale blue colored moon that has a new moon every 91 days and the full moon 45 days after that. Sina is considered the divine moon, with effects on prophecy and divination. It takes up about as much space as three fingers’ width in the sky, is linked to lycanthropy, and is loved by witches. Sina marks the seasons and is used in many rituals. “Sina sets the seasons” you may hear people say, and it is used heavily in farming to time crops. Tides respond to Sina strongly, while they can be weak around Coyola. Sina rises in the North and sets in the South, about half the size of Coyola.


Themis is a golden color and only ever appears as a full moon, though it seems to grow larger or smaller by season. It always seems to present the same face to the planet, which is blank, smooth, and unchanging. It circles during the day, rising in the Northeast at dawn, setting in the Southwest at dusk, always just a little ahead of the Sun, and is sometimes called the Sun’s Mule. Themis is notable in that outside of lycanthropy, it has no impact on any spells, curses, or other expected effects of a moon. It is about the size of a pinky fingertip in the sky. Themis sets the week.

The Sky above Avilon, in early Spring.


P6045#y1 Avilon is the continent, though it is known the world is round and there are other continents. No one has ever been fortunate enough to return from any voyage attempting to reach the other continents. It is claimed that someone in Islandia is building a massive ship the goal of which is to travel the world, with five hulls and crewed by over a thousand.

It is widely believed that the Powers That Be protect Avilon from being engaged with the wider world. Much of what we know comes from Paria, in terms of mapping.

Wider World

There are other continents on Wyrlde, though they have yet to be explored by anyone who has ever returned from them.

According to the Powers That Be, one of the other continents is inhabited by immense reptiles and other enormous life, while another is inhabited, though none of them will talk about it or the things that live there. Much of what we do know of other lands comes from records kept from long before the God’s War, which raged across the planet. Even our own lands of Avilon have changed dramatically – it is said that what we have today looks nothing like what it once looked like, the Powers having reshaped the world to their whims.


There are some lost World Gates that lead to the continent of Aracal, a northern hemisphere continent West of Avilon.


South of Aracal lies a continent said to be filled by vast, enormous lizards. There is a lost gate that leads to it.


To the East of Avilon is the continent of Pangea. There is a Lost Gate to it somewhere (this is why they are called Lost World Gates). It is whispered that this is very much like our continent, but that magic works differently there. Pangea has two massive portions to it, according to the maps of Paria – one to the north, and one to the south, straddling the equator.


South of Avilon lies a set of three large landmasses collectively called Kokaigne.

P6043#y1 Olimpis

To the West of Avilon, between it and Aracal, it is said that there is an island that the Powers built for themselves, and upon which they have built their homes and that the Old Gods reside beside them. There is a Lost gate to this place, which is said to be the home of the Powers That Be, from whence they watch the world.

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