Wyrlde: Adventures in the Seven Cities

Wyrlde is designed as an Open World, a Sandbox exploration setting intended for use with non-linear campaigns and strong emphasis on Role Playing.

It makes use of significant rule changes, additions, and modifications, all of which are collected and presented here, for the purpose of reference and ease of access during play, by the players of the assorted campaigns of Wyrlde.

This site does not exist as a means to sell or to promote the setting. Really.

It isn’t even here to share it with the world, but this is the internet, I’m paying for stuff, and I am proud of what I have built here, and it makes for a great and easy place for my players to look stuff up while we play.

So, by default, it is also here for people to see.

Mock, Laugh, Sneer, Chortle, Chuckle, or whatever.

It is the work that we enjoy, and that we are having fun with, and that’s the only measure by which it matters.

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