… there was fire and there flashing, a roaring and rumbling and a falling of stars from the sky as if they were but raindrops, blanketing the world in their million tiny ways.

This is the birth of a new world, some said, though it as also the death of an old world, a world that had seen much long before, a collapse and a catastrophe that would, in time, find itself repeated at the hands of those who would son come.

By this time, the printers on the Seeder were running smoothly, the supplies holding steady, the selections and choices all adjusted to the targeted climate, the meter tall ovoids ready to open like flowers after their fiery descent to the surface bearing the payloads and the tools and the minimum of one million nanomolecular machines that would do the hard work while the larger tiny vehicles focused on the placement, extraction, gestation, and cultivation of the new life that would, in time, grow to overwhelm whatever lay in tis path were things to go as predicted.

The did not acknowledge the strange, six limbed lizard that watched them as they scuttled about. Acknowledging existing life forms was not part of their programming, not part of their design, not part of their intent.

What would come of this, one might wonder, a few thousand years of unforeseen changes.

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