The Folk of the Rivers


Family, Kin, Kith, Grottoe




Patience, Persistence, Perseverance

Wealth Bonus

30 sp




54 to 69 in.




75 to 225 lbs.




125 years


Sun Weakness

Hair Colors






Eye Colors







P13769C1T137#y1 Where there is moving water, there are Thalasians. Sea and River humans, whose lives are spent mostly on the waters of the world.

Descended from people abandoned at the end of the God’s War, Thalasi are a tough, strong willed, proud people. As they recovered, they began to explore more and more and we owe our knowledge of the world more to their exploration and drive to learn than perhaps our own more insular Imperial efforts. Perhaps the only people as willing to voyage as they are the Thyrs, and they do it with no small amount of hostility in their hearts. Thalasians, though, don’t carry that – they are people who love to explore, to find, to walk upon a shore and stare not at the sky, but at the eddies and whorls of the water as it passes by.

Water knows, they say among themselves at night, sharing the communal bowl of water before eating.

While rumor has it that they can breathe underwater, they are not Tritons, merely well acquainted with them. They have tight knit communities forged around families and kin and are great lovers of the stars above and the songs in all our hearts.

The humans of Islandia, Thalasians arose out of the people that were abandoned by the gods upon the seas and found ways to survive through the many disasters that followed. Out of contact with Imperials for centuries, they developed a different way of life and became a favored people of some Powers, especially Ululani and Tamasin.

Thalasians love the wind and water, the feel and scent of the sea, the burble of the brook and the rush of river rapids. These things seem to be in their blood, in their soul, in their spirit, and no matter how far they go, Thalasians adore the water. Thalasian homes always have a water feature of some sort, often a focal point, found where the family gathers, to tell the stories of survival, of overcoming the challenges of the sea, or finding the path in the waters of the many rivers, of taking a ship out to defy the will of the Powers themselves.


Thalasians are the people of the water, and though they may not be colored by that relationship, they think of it always. Traditions passed down will hold such things as the sacredness of water, the power o it, and the way that water can bring down even the greatest walls, the tallest mountains, if it has but the time.

All Thalasian meals start with a shallow bowl filled with water that is passed around among the family and sipped from. This is to remember the difference between the sea water and the water of the body, to honor the water spirits and recognize where they come from and to what they will return.

Patience, Persistence, and Perseverance are the watchwords of all Thalasians, for they are taught young to be like water, to be present, to endure, to find a path, and to not look at the one of least resistance as all bad.




Thalasians often get teased for their love of dance, which in Islandia is done nearly naked, as the heat there can sometimes be challenging, even with the winds off the water. Thalasians are seen as being overly sexual, of loose morals, and of boisterous and interrupting behavior. In a crowd of noisy folks, the Thalasian will be seen first and blamed for it.


Thalasians have wavy but not tightly curly hair, slightly larger than typical ears, large oval eyes, wide mouths, and broad noses. They are the shortest of Humans, excepting the Exilian, and tend towards broad builds. They are lighter haired than many, and they wear it loose and free, with even men having hair below their shoulders.


The people of Islandia are known for having spread out widely since the great peace was made, controlling much of the trade that passes over water alongside the Iaran and Triton peoples. They value honor, trust, and loyalty extremely highly, and are known to be just a little bit tougher than most other humans.


You can see in dim light within 30 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can’t discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.


They have Windsense.

Thalasians have studied the winds for centuries and passed that knowledge on to their children. Thalasians always know in advance when a storm is within 25 miles and cannot get lost – always knowing where they are in relation to a waterway.


Thalasians have a Weakness to Sun damage.

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