A partial and growing list of the Holidays follows. The Calendar does have all the current one’s listed.




Autumn Equinox

Vine 15th

The day of preparation for storms and challenges, gratitude, harvest festival. High holy day.


Vine 14th to 15th

A day for a massive party.

Children’s Festival

Blossom 21st

The festival of youth, of new life, of hope.


Misty 2nd

Preparing for onset of the worst of winter.

Dreamer’s Day

Rest 7th

A day to celebrate artistry and artists, crafts and craftsmanship.

Fresh Festival

Meadow 14th

Spring growth and early fruits.

Ghost Festival

Harvest 1st

A festival of grief, remembrance, loss, and yearning for the dead.

Heart Festival

Sunny 13th

Romance and fertility festival.

Hearth Festival

Meadow 1st

A time to recognize parents and recall home.

Heritage Day

Misty 15th

A day to reconnect with family bonds, renew oaths.

Sojourn’s Day

Rainy 14th

Commemorating the the bleak journey.

Sorrows Day

Blossom 10th

Early spring, honoring fallen soldiers and those marching to war.

Spring Equinox

Rest 28th to Stir 1st

Spring festival, usually to celebrate belonging; new year’s festival. High holy day.

Summer Solstice

Sunny 8th

A time to relax and attend to needed personal things. High holy day.


Rainy 1st

A day for self-care and reflection, growth, and passages.

Wind’s Day

Windy 18th

A day to honor the faerie and the powers.

Winter Solstice

Frosty 1st

Festival of hearth and home, family and bonds. High holy day.

Landing Day

Windy 26th

The oldest and most ancient of festivals, remembering the landing.

Yule Festival

Snowy 13th to 15th

A day to recognize and give gifts to those you love.


Stir 14th-28th

The annual meeting of the rulers of each realm.

Local Festivals


Assorted local festivals held in different realms according to local history.

There are an assortment of local festivals and events that can vary, but a few are common enough to be worth marking. These festivals happen pretty much everywhere.

This does exclude holidays particular to different Powers That Be, which are celebrated locally and can vary widely or link up to existing festivals.

There are typically one to two local monthly festivals that are celebrated in Villages and Towns that are specific to that region and area or realm, and are not listed here, these being the common and regularly engaged festivals across all the realms, including even those in Lemuria and Thule.

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