The Forgotten of the World


Family Kin, Kith, House




Dignity, Integrity, Trustworthiness, and Reticence

Wealth Bonus

30 sp




60 to 75 in.




125 to 275 lbs.




125 years


Shadow Weakness

Hair Colors






Eye Colors







Myrmians are a people who feel as if they are under threat, for they are the youngest of the peoples, and not a part of the Empire, and they are desperate to stay free and safe. There is a reason for this; Myrmians are come from the outcasts, the forbidden, the forgotten, the runaway, the rebels, the ones who refused to fall into the line.

This is made even more important by a generally secret truth about them: they are the outcasts, the rebels, the ones who refused to fall into the line. Myrmians believe in the individual, in the power to make a difference, in the importance of remembering the ancestors, in paying homage to the spirits.

Myrmians are quiet people, reserved to a fault, for they see themselves as having to protect some secret, and even when they have moved beyond those lands they came from – for trade or for exploration – they carry that with them and teach their children.

Myrmians do not see themselves as like Imperials, above all, and are often mistrustful of strangers until they come to know them better. Myrmian youth hear “stranger danger” often, and while they react to it in a myriad ways, they still hear it in their mother’s voice.


Myrmians are a stoic people, reserved around others, always dedicated to improving themselves in some way, more out of habit than any kind of real thinking. Myrmians give thanks to the sacrifices of those before them, and treat salt as something of importance just shy of sacred. Salt is difficult to find outside of cities, and has an immense impact on food, which is always needed to survive.

Myrmians, then, also strongly favor spices and new flavors.


Myrmian families tend to be regimented, scheduled, and quiet. The typical family is tied by visits to the larger Kin roughly twice a month, and to the Kith roughly once a season, with a House gathering as it happens to be called, but Myrmians normally subject to the demands of their House. All of it quietly.

Families tend to discuss everything, with someone having a final say (one of the parents), but these conversations are done with expression, gesture, occasional verbalized grunts and sighs. Myrmians know at least a dozen different ways to sigh to convey meaning and emotion.

Myrmian families are close, and it is only among those whom they are the closest that they reveal their thoughts, their emotions, their secrets. This can include the one thing that all Myrmian mothers give to their children: a True Name. It is a name that is only known by mother and child, and only shared in private, and not even among siblings. It is said that in ancient days, one of the fallen heroes of the Myrmian people was summoned and captured through the use of his true name.


Myrmians are not boisterous or loud, they often do not raise their voice, and they are more likely to use a variety of facial expressions and short gestures to convey meaning than words. They maintain eye contact when dealing others, a habit from seeking out clues in expression.

They are keepers of secrets, somewhat paranoid about others, but not so much that they will not open up as they grow closer. The knowledge of a Myrmians True Name is akin to a love letter, and a message to always be alert for those who would betray your secrets, which is the gravest sin imaginable to a Myrmian.


All this secrecy and reserve makes Myrmians come across as rude, as secretive, as being someone who is more than just Strong and Silent, but not in a good way. People tend to shy away from getting close –thought hat could be just as much the effect of them being pushed away.


Myrmians, with peculiar eyes of an almond shape and narrow, strong noses, are a strong jawed people, with thin but powerful builds that usually will stand shorter than Imperials. They are a people used to hard work and caring for themselves. They have types 3 and 4 hair, wavy and curly, usually worn long, and tend to have facial hair only around the mouth area among men, and thin, delicate eyebrows among women.

Myrmians are closer in appearance to Dakoans, as they sometimes have the peculiar brightly colored eyes.

They are also more commonly found with many of the unusual colorations of hair and eyes that are found among the Seraph and Cambion.


Myrmians are people who began appearing about the time of the Age of Myth, initially coming from all the varied realms, wandering off into the night and never returning to where they had been, slowly coming together by either design or circumstance or coincidence – no one can say for certain, but in the process they began to change, subtly, over the many years, and now they are what we see here.


You are less susceptible to Rage, gaining Advantage on Rolls to avoid raging.


You gain proficiency in Persuasion.


You have Weakness against Shadow damage. It is rumored to be a curse put upon them by the Bright Powers for defying their intent of Empire.

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