One of the more interesting things about Adventurers is that they all have different reasons for adventuring. While the most common and well-known reason is that it is a good way to make money, there are many other reasons, and they all make for a great way to help drive some of the backstory for a character. Here is a list of possible reasons to Adventure.

Because it is there to be done.

The thrill of adventure.

To answer a question.

To become Famous & Renowned.

To become Infamous and Feared.

To boldly go where no one has gone before.

To build something of value.

To come of age.

To defeat an evil scheme.

To demonstrate competence.

To earn new ways of crafting.

To encounter new cultures.

To enforce the law.

To escape the law.

To explore strange new lands.

To find a way out of this crazy world.

To find a way to stay in this wonderful world.

To find love.

To find magic items.

To find new places to pan gold.

To find new spells.

To find the second star to the right, to keep going until dawn.

To free the oppressed.

To gain vengeance.

To get high.

To get laid.

To grow stronger.

To have freedom and few responsibilities.

To make even more money.

To offer something of value to their patron.

To prove something.

To recover something lost.

To sail beyond the sunset and all the eastern stars.

To save their family.

To save their people.

To save their village.

To see where the road leads.

To seek out new experiences.

To seek out new peoples.

To show defiance.

To solve a mystery.

To test themselves against dangers.

To unearth ancient civilizations.

True love.

What is the reason that you go out and adventure?

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