Augmentalia Wyrldica

Does adding to Wyrlde interest you?

Wyrlde is an immense effort, and since I am a damn fool and talk about it, some folks have asked about it. I’m not quite sure I am willing to give my baby up wholly yet, lol, but there is an underlying spirit here that I find of import and of value.

Now, while I do plan to do adventures for Wyrlde that I put up here, most will be small and simple and unlikely to involve a lot of the more complicated stuff I do until after it has been played through and I have had the time to make it more suitable for sharing with people who are not stuck in my head all day.

And that is something I am willing to share of the world. It will likely open up a bit more down the road in terms of things like Class and Race, but for now, those will stay very locked down. However, for Adventures, I am willing to work with folks and then host them here — no ownership on my part, no exclusivity, nothing like that.

But (and you knew one was coming), I would like to guide that effort. NOt so much interfere or redesign or anything — I just want to make sure that anything I do host here fits into the world as it is at that time it is hosted. For that, you may need to know some of the Enigmalia Wyrldica, the secrets of Wyrlde, so that you know what not to reveal.

But, that said, I will be working on creating some guidelines and such so that folks can send over adventures.

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