To-Do List (Ongoing)

Prior to January 23rd, 2024





Simple Aspects


Zero Session: February 3rd, for start February 17th

Spell Descriptions: February 28th

Psychics: March 30th

Full Encounter Tables – April 30th

Runic Magic: May 30th

Words of Power: May 30th

Transcendent Aspects: May 30th

Trade Language: June 30th

Critteralia: July 30th

Initial Batch of Myths: August 30th

Justice Deep Dive: September 30th

Random Stuff

Frameworks – Building Campaigns

Scene Construction Guide – Building Adventures.

Descriptive Vocabulary – Descriptions using the Standard Approach.

Tier 2 of 1st Campaign

Tier 3 of first Campaign

Dragon Design

Tier 4 of first Campaign

Tier 5 of first Campaign

Follow-up Campaign — Overarching Action Spy theme, mixing Bond, Bourne, and M:I

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