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Celestial Domain

The plane of celestial form, sometimes called Divinity, is almost an amalgam of the others, resembling a ghostly version of the Mortal Plane but lifeless save where the Powers and Denizens and such tread — they cause life to bloom there. It is said that Yrthe comes from them having walked every inch of it. Here the colors are muted, duller, as if in shadow. Even the sky seems to be dimmed somehow. It is warm, and there is a gentle breeze, and there is peace and fun to be had, and the occupants range from those who fashion delightful playgrounds for themselves to the Giants who fashion cities of fancy. It is not a glum place, but rather it is infused with a soft mirth that has an edge to it, like a cutting joke that has lost its bite.

The risk here is losing one’s spirit — not their soul, but the very force that animates and gives them life, free of the burden of experience and memory.


Yrthe is a reflection of Wyrlde, and of all of the Mortal Realms, it is the one we have seen people come from the most. Yrthe appears to be very much the same, and yet there are an incredible number of subtle differences. Among a certain group of scholars, there is a thought experiment that suggests that if the universe had rules, like a game, that Yrthe would the rules for one version, and Wyrlde would be the rules for another, although it is always the same game being played. Naturally, most scholars scoff at this notion as even having a glimmer of possibility, but even they will rely on the thought experiment.

If you use the setting with standard D&D rules, you are likely playing on Yrthe. Things don’t always make sense the way they do on Wyrlde.


Heaven is the equivalent reflection, or shadow, or echo of The Fairywilde for the Celestial Plane. In relation to Yrthe, it often has breakthroughs and touches consistently, and it is Angels who interact the most there with the people that dwell upon it.


A realm of the Malakim, it is a place of mutual interdependence, and shared commonality.


Home to Valkyries, this is a realm of gustatorial happiness and joy. Valhalla is a bizarre plane of massive floating islands, trailing vines and roots off into the misty spaces, and upon each island lies a Steading that inevitably features some sort of house or other building. The floating islands move about, and travel between them is often by winged steed or flying carriages.

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