Kiyara D'nym, the mascot for Wyrlde, child of D'nym the Meka, an Ikon.


So, during the rest of this month, up through the 23rd of January, 2024, I will be adding in a lot more stuff, and posting a bunch of duplicate material as well.

I finally settled on an approach to how I will put the information up, and how to do the menu bar for all of that. This won’t change the layout at all, but it might change how some of the sections operate, and it will change the way the menu bar itself works.

When done, the Menu bar will work to directly take you to different sections, using a Page and Post method. The pretty little boxes beneath it will take you to Categories of posts, giving you all the possible posts that have anything to do with that given Category.

Then there will be the Indexalia on top of it, so it should enable someone to find anything they need to quickly, and also enable me to add to existing entries for things as the adventures happen.

And, most importantly, it will match the books themselves. With one notable exception: I will not be doing the Spells and Aspects as individual items. I will be doing them in groups.

As fo the books, there are minor little tweaks still happening now and again to the Codexalia, and work on finishing up the Incarnalia proceeds apace. I am uploading sections of the Incarnalia as I feel they were done recently, but there is still a goodly ways to go.

Having blown through two prior deadlines, I am on my third and final deadline, which is January 23rd.

Oh, and while I am at it, allow me to introduce to you the gal who has become the defacto “mascot” of Wyrlde.

Kiyara D’nym is the adopted child of the Meka D’nym, one of this world’s Ikons.

Kiyara D'nym, the mascot for Wyrlde, child of D'nym the Meka, an Ikon.

I’ll not bore you with how this image came to be, but I will note that she gives my ego a boost, lol.

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