So, the updates have slowed down. there is a really good reason for this: live game is tomorrow as I type this lol.

I have to do an updated To-Do List, but it will come after I finish the update to the Powers That Be, the three remaining classes (Warlock, Witch, and Wizard), and get through the first session.

Today I toe the books up again. I reset things so that there are four basic books for general use. The World Book/ Lore Book, which only has a few rules in it. the Player’s book, which is focused on character creation, the Magic Book, which will ultimately have all the magical stuff in it. The House Rules Book, which contains the house rules for a lot of stuff.

Now, why would I do that?

The answer is both simple and terrifying, lol.

I wanted the Lore Book — the Codexalia, to be the book that anyone can use.I’m doing some work around a closed “learn to play D&D” group and I wanted to introduce them to Wyrlde using the regular rules before they came into the main game. I strongly believe that people should learn the book, learn the RAW first, and then they can shift into the weird, creative, almighty fun stuff.

Simple reason: players need to be able to adapt to different DMs, and the foundation for all games, in the end, is always going to be RAW. If they know those, they can adapt to any game and they can make better decisions about what kinds of games they want to join.

By pulling the House rules out of the World Book and putting them in their own book, as well, I get to have a lot faster way of looking stuff up, lol. it is easier, that way. I have to adjust the Menu here and such, but that will be simple enough — the information is the same, it was just moved — and I could move it without the hemming and hawing that was going on when things were far less finished.

Magic got moved because magic is going to take a long ass time to do. It doesn’t help that I’ve also changed the spell template, and so have to deal with that crap.

It also reduced the size of the books. They became much more manageable.

All are under 450 pages now. House Rules is about 200, Magic is about 300, Player’s is about 450, Lore is about 440. I could combine the Magic and House rules, since they are all basically the same thing and deeply interwoven, but it isn’t a big deal, and this will allow for a little more flexibility on the player side of things, as well.

They won’t stay that way, mind you. THe Rules will expand as I add in additional thoughts and concepts around being a DM, in bits and pieces. The encounter tables and related ecological shit will go into the Lore Book down the road as well. magic will have psionics and other things added in as I finally get t them. I did drop one class, and if I come u with a cool basis for it bound in the world, then I will use it.

But really, and the key to a lot of that, the place where most of that stuff will show up first is going to be here. I have finally switched to a point where this has become the primary location for all of it.

And that means tha tthe timing iis ideal — Wyrlde will begin to grow and expand from here, and in ways that I cannot predict or foresee or may even like, lol — it is out of my hands.


And, as a result, there will be ongoing tweaks and changes to the site going forward. SOme will be organizational. Others will just be stuff I do for the sake of having done it. And some stuff will be the things that arise from the game sessions.

No idea how often or even when I will do them, but for the most part, there is a scary thing I can say right now:

Wyrlde is ready to play. So we are going to play in it.

No, the spells are not all written out — but the rules for how to figure them out are there. And odds are good we will start inventing new ones right away (hence my whole dislike of rewriting them, lol). Yes, there is still stuff missing — but it is stuff that I hope to have online by the time it becomes an issue in the game.

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