The Shadow Lands

The land of shadows, of smoke without substance, of reflections of that which is imagined, or half seen, is one of the most powerful of the planes. It is said the sun never rises here. And that it has never set.

The Shadow Lands are home to some of the Powers that Be, especially among the Five of the Host. They are one of the most well-known among mages, who will turn to the power of Shadow for all manner of spells (or did you think invisibility came from nowhere?). Many magical items draw on the power of Shadow, which has peculiar properties in the Material. The Shadowlands are home to the power of Shadow, which is dangerous to heart.

Fairywilde is deeply attached in some way to the Shadowlands, which have a reputation for being eviler than they really are.


This is the mirror of Wyrlde. Shades is best known for a horrifying truth that no one dares mention often: there is no magic on Shades, and thus those who go there and not through Pandemonium, Nightmare, or Whispers, are forever trapped.


The Dreamscape is a place where the thoughts of people are made real. It is often used by Demons as a place of hunting. The dreamscape is where all dreams come from. The realm oof Dreamscape is in a War with Nightmare


An almost perfect manifestation of chaos, this is a protean dimension of constant change and unending variability.


This is a realm where all thoughts are heard, all utterances are echoes, and all hopes are made manifest. It is a place of, well, whispers.

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