As you go through this work, you will note some odds and ends that could be of use if you are a DM or someone looking for a world to turn into your own.

“Adventure should be part of everyone’s life. It is the whole difference between being fully alive and just existing.”

– Holly Morris

Dates and Names are rather fluid and purposely left open. This is to enable you to add in your own moments of history, your own legends of past adventures, your own bits and pieces so that you can feel as if there is more to this than just the basics.

There are very few villages or hamlets named. Most of the population lives in or comes from villages, and the absence of them is intentional – a village can be much more flexible a place to deal with than an established City or Town, and allows you to place adventures, modify published materials, and more. This is also why the Section and Villages portions go into more detail.

There are many places where you might see a good location for a nice new kingdom or a fief for you to add in your own flavor, and perhaps even copy elements from others. Your place can fit right in there somewhere. The map of Avilon is a huge area, And there are more cultures coming.

You’re not in Kahnsus anymore.

You’re on Wyrlde, people!.

Respect that fact every second of every day.

Out there every living thing that

grows, crawls, flies, swims, burrows, walks, lopes,

or squats in the mud

wants to kill you and eat your eyes for berries.

We have a population of Critters and Creatures that routinely wipe out whole Villages and Hamlets,

all without breaking a sweat.

They are very hard to kill.

You are going to be born into this world, grow up in this world, live in this world.

As your Pedant, it is my job to give you knowledge that will keep you alive.

I will not succeed. Not with all of you.

If you wish to survive, you need to cultivate a strong, overall fortitude.

You got to obey the rules:

Wyrlde Rules!

This is the infrastructure for you to create a world of your own, a foundation on which you can build. You have enormous flexibility as this is a world that will give you a start, a place to begin, while also giving you a place where you don’t have to do it all. There are many, many small little asides in the body of the text here. You can create entire adventures just from them.

Genre: While the general genre of the whole is Fantasy, there is comedy, drama, western, mystery, chase, spy, fairy tale, horror, surreal, absurd – to name a few. Each adventure is a different genre, so they can vary widely.

Tone: Heroic. This is the kind of game where if you are willing to leap into the unknown, or attempt something certain to kill you but is massively cool, you get points. That help you do it again.

Mood: Serious, Absurdist, Pop Cultural.

Themes: Survival. Action. Emotion. Culture Shock. Heroism. Defiance. Glory. Rebellion. Discovery. Consequences. There are heavy ones in the background, as well: Racism. Sexism. Trauma. Colonization.

Consequences: Death is a consequence, but a little coin and a quick trip can solve it. The other consequences are often worse — you can be outlawed, you can be executed, you can be branded or scarred, you can be ostracized, you can lose worldly goods — the world reacts to the actions of PCs in a realistic way, and those consequences can change everything about a character over time.

Grit: Social and emotional more than physical. Humor will win over gore every time, and there is a much more complex structure to the nature of alignment and attitude and there is no PVP.

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