The Shepherds of the Seas


Camp, Outpost, Coterie, Grotto


20 / 90 Swim


Embrace the Waters, Flow with the Water, Recognize the Water

Wealth Bonus

25 sp




46 to 58 in. (M)




75 to 200 lbs.




250 years


Fire Weakness

Hair Colors






Eye Colors







P14144C1T145#y1 During the God’s War, the oceans teemed with battles far from shores, and great sea serpents and Merow were the servants of the Dread Host and the seas turned red with the blood of the lost. To fight them the Bright Host begged the people who we now call Thalasians for some to agree to become greater, and those who were willing to sacrifice their lives did so and became the Tritons.

Water is life. Water remembers. Water is everything. History is in the waters, the flow and the wave are ways of guiding, or speaking, of moving. All the waters are different, and yet all are the same.

This is the underlying ideas of the Tritons, and when added to the joy of the wind, the warmth of the Sun, the sparkle of the stars that map the way back, there is little more that can speak to the earnest and fierce embrace of freedom that drives the Tritons.

Iaran live in, on, and around rivers, lakes, seas, and oceans. They can be found everywhere, and they are raised to understand the currents and tides, the risks, and dangers of waters more than any landwalker could ever know. They are riverboat riders, Corsairs, Sailors, and they are firm believers in the importance of a good bargain, because you know that you may find a better deal at a different pool, but also that you might find an end there.

Sometimes called Sea Elfin, it is something you do best away from the hearing of either Tritons or Elfin, for they are not related, and both seem to take it as an insult since Goblins and Merow are related. Tritons are likely more similar to the Therians and come about as the result of efforts to oppose the Merow.

Tritons are at home both in water and on land and have the unique ability to breathe underwater. They have broad feet that narrow up but tend to be somewhat slower on land due to the pain of having to keep their feet in shoes, and not being able to walk on most soil. They do very poorly in very dry climates. A triton passing through the sand sea had an expletive filled rant that was widely shared about his thoughts on calling it a sea.


Tritons spend most of their lives in water, and usually under and within it. They find the World Above to be noisy, cluttered, and uncomfortable – but it does smell better and taste better. Living under the sea, they have learned to respect the way of the water and to be at peace with it.

While not quite rising to the level of a religious basis, Tritons are well aware that the seas are home to just as Many Spirits of the World as the land is, and they seek to honor and recognize that by teaching the Way of the Waters to their young. To Embrace the Waters, to Flow with the Waters, to recognize the Waters, seeing dangers and safety where those in a panic might not.


Triton families are always linked to the water, parents raising their children where they can both be together. They tend to be very close only within the family; the Grottoe is important and critical, for most Triton parents are travelers and traders who have long moved away from the islands and tidepools they called home.


Water is life. Water remembers. Water is everything. History is in the waters, the flow and the wave are ways of guiding, or speaking, of moving. All the waters are different, and yet all are the same.

Tritons place great importance on Safety and then on knowing the Waters and the dangers they have.


Tritons are looked at by most as if they are some kind of monster, some sort of danger to them. They are not often seen at great distances from rivers, or away from docks and wharfs, so they can be startling.

Few will mess with them except those who decide that they have something to prove.


Tritons have webbed hands and feet, small fins on their calves, and coloration that favors blues and greens. Their ears are shell shaped, and they have long type 1 or 2 hair. Their faces are broad, wide, and their features tend towards large than typical eyes. Tritons have “thick bones,” and strong builds, a result of often living at depths below the 100 feet or so that most people can swim unaided.


There is a deep place in a sea where there lies a coral castle of pinks and whites, and around it is arrayed all the bounty of the sea. This speaks to you, for it is where all your people came from, once upon a time, before they spread out into the world and the wilds.

Tritons are made for the waters, the youngest of the People’s shaped in the God’s War, and they can be resentful of that for they were forgotten. They are found in the deep rivers and the seas and are drawn to water.


Because they are adapted to the depths and chill of the oceans, Tritons are tough, and gain a bonus of +1 to their AC.


Triton can breathe underwater and remain there indefinitely. They have to keep their skin moist but can breathe air readily. They consume three times the water of a human.


Triton have a Weakness to Fire damage.

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