The technological status of the Sibolan Empire and its opponent is of interest to many and is worth remarking on. The Powers That Be are generally displeased by some technology, and are often said to act regarding things, and have more or less prevented large-scale activities, while permitting some other elements.

Although some elements and remnants from the past have been preserved or rediscovered and new ways to make them function have been found – such as with the Doradan Pistols – the original implements do not function for some reason that scholars have not yet determined, but presume is due to the influence of magic, which resists any effort or system to use it in place of technology.

Common technology used involves extensive use of pulleys, winches, gearing, and some limited steam power, all in typically large size devices. The clock towers of Lyonese are an example of much of this. Temples often use assorted simple pneumatic systems to enable routine elements, such as the distribution of holy water for ablution and the opening of doors. Mills are often wind or water powered, using a complex system of gearing and heavy stone mill wheels.

Those who are incarnates, summons, or incorporates often will assert that things should work a certain way, based on the nature of their understanding of the worlds they are most familiar with, and so are often much put out by the strange way in which things they presume should work do not always work the same way here on Wyrlde. As noted, one of the examples is the use of a powder or dried and shaped substance that was used by the Ancients to enable weapons of war similar to those of the Doradan Pistol to work. Even gaining the exact materials in the exact order does not produce the equivalent effect. Other examples seem to involve something they call thermodynamics and pressurization, or particle explosives. One Summon, who became a scholar, noted that people on Wyrlde do not fall from great heights in the same way they did where he came from.

Still, there are aspects and elements of Wyrlde that are used to startling effectiveness, and it is often argued that the main motivator for much of Wyrlde’s technology is the power of collective effort, and these limitations have not stopped new and greater inventions from being created.

It is remarkable to note that the carcasses of Meka and Dreadnoughts that have been examined seem to have been changing over time, as if the foundation of what it was that makes them function was changing to fit into the world as a whole. Strange materials that were known several hundred years ago are now replaced by lacquered materials that could be duplicated in the workshops of Qivira, or tiny devices of once unknown purpose have been changed into items whose purpose is much easier to determine, even as the particular kind of object itself has increased in size (with the dreadnoughts themselves becoming ever larger).

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