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While Painters and sculptors can have their work patronized and shown to those their owners consider worthy of seeing them, music, stagecraft, and traveling performance plays an enormous amount of import in the daily life of people, with the possible exception of Sibola, where Plays and Lays regarding the House of Usher are often fraught to perform.

Most people will be the most familiar with traveling shows, created by small bands that travel together to put up and put on performances of songs, plays, orations, and other elements, often drawn from the most recent winners of the Grand Games or some other diversion.

The single most common form of entertainment is a Bard, who is often found among a group and who will spread news, knowledge, and good feelings wherever they roam.


These traveling shows are called Surkuses, and a typical Surkus has five to as many as 30 performers, called Troupers, that may be a part of it. They will have additional inducement – fortune telling, displays of strength and skill such as juggling, knife throwing, and weight lifting, and more.


Most Towns and all cities will have one of more Theaters, ranging from the open air of the smaller towns in a half circle around a semi-permanent stage, to a small gazebo or other covered, raised and railed platform within a space or clearing.

In cities, theaters can be vast buildings – some even use the places for the grand Games to stage such things.

Musicians, orchestras, plays, and more are all performed here, for the amusement and entertainment of the people.

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