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Codexalia Wyrldica Customs The Imperial World


Customs Perhaps few things are more important to know than local law and customs. It keeps you out of gaols and lets you know the way of things, and there are many commonalities to the Seven Cities, traditional and historic standards and traditions. Here are the big things to keep in mind. Time The Year […]

Codexalia Wyrldica The Imperial World


Tracking time is often a critical need for people. Days to holidays, days of work, how long one works, figuring out the costs for travel, and more all depend on knowing much about time. A digital calendar is available that incorporates weather by region: https://app.fantasy-calendar.com/calendars/60e34d70e4a7b4a5c196cc30c2ee8fb4 The Typical Year on Wyrlde starts the day of the […]

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