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Heritage Incarnalia Wyrldica

The Whole of Humanity

The Whole of Humanity Wyrlde has four broad characterizations of what counts as People. These four groupings are a combination of from whence they are descended and to what degree their existence is able to repeat among those who come after. The only known settled landmass on Wyrlde is Avilon. After The Bleak Journey, the […]

Codexalia Wyrldica Cosmology Critteralia Wyrldica

Fairywilde (Feywild)

Fairywilde This dimension is a land of pastoral wonder, beautiful and magnificent, primal, and untamed. It is lit throughout with a soft light that is strong and joyful, with a light breeze throughout – always warm, never day nor night. It mirrors and reflects the contours of the Wyrlde, but as if it were long […]

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