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Ability Scores Incarnalia Wyrldica

Ability Scores

Ability Scores The following Ability Scores are the baseline for Wyrlde for all characters. These default abilities are used broadly throughout the Campaign and game. Everything your character can do is linked in some way to the nine scores. Strength Dexterity Constitution Physical Strength, Muscle, Athleticism. Agility, Nimbleness, Quickness Endurance, Physical Will, Hardiness Wisdom Knowledge […]

Incarnalia Wyrldica Incarnation

Ability Scores

This is where it all begins: with creating a character. Yes, there are some pre-generated characters available for you on the website. But they won’t be the same as one you create yourself. Characters on Wyrlde are exclusive to Wyrlde – the normal D&D 5e rules won’t work here, and as of this writing there […]

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