A Gallery of Wyrlde

There is a page regarding AI Art use here elsewhere in the site. This page is a gallery of things that exist in Wyrlde, and often are approximations of things that I have attempted to bring forth using the single tool I do use.

There are a lot of things that AI Art seriously sucks at being able to do, at least as of this moment, and Wyrlde tends to really drive these points home, lol. For example, vehicles: AI art absolutely sucks at attempting to pull out a decent fantastical vehicle. Some will say that’s the prompt or the tool or whatever, but sorry, That’s all fuckin horseshit and ya know it.

The Ships of Wyrlde — well, Sibolan Empire ships, at least — are based on Catamarans — and AI has no clue how it would create a sailing catamaran that has cantilevered rectangular sails, open wide decks, and such. Getting good landscapes that have spectacular features is also hard, as are ruins and other things. And anything that has six limbs seems to seriously confuse the hell out of it.

All of that is understandable: when they used art, they didn’t think about using imagery of fantasy and wonder, they used social media and published stuff, and then focused on making people look good (and still aren’t quite there, lol).

But that’s all just stuff. Wyrlde is a fantasy — and a peculiar one that blends often conflicting things.

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