The Union of the Twain


From Family




From Family

Wealth Bonus

20 sp



46 to 58 in.




100 to 200 lbs.




125 years


Spectral Weakness

Hair Colors







Eye Colors








P14988C1T162#yIS1 Sprigan in the South, Spright in the North, few have a clue what to with them. Half-Elfin, Half-Dwarfin. It is Sprights who seem to have picked up all the art of their Elfin side to match their Dwarf side. Perhaps it is the chaos and inconstancy of their Fae blood, but they are among the greatest and most appreciated artists regardless of who they are raised by.

Sprights can only be raised by either a Commune or a Hall. Neither will share, and often the parents of Sprights are left to deal with their children on their own, bereft of the gifts of the Creche and the freeing power of it or the strong bonds of the Hall, and ultimately turn to each other, creating strong familial bonds that often endure many generations.

Sprights come from the union of an Elf and a Dwarf, though they could also have some Ogre or some Human in there somewhere, since Elfin and Dwarfin are not known for their ability to get along.


Sprights gain the traditions, values, and stigmas of the way they were raised, and as both Dwarfin and Elfin are known to be particular that is usually (but not always) only one of them.


They are hardy, lithe people given to an openness about them, and known for generally higher levels of empathy than most. They are almost always torn between their two heritages, for the two do not get along. Spright are often mischievous, easily insulted, and prone to practical jokes both helpful and hurtful.

Sprights will tend to take after one side, but always be a bit too focused on better ways for their Elfin kin, or too fast and too rowdy for their Dwarf kin. Few would honestly call Spright clumsy or oafish – they tend to be erudite but not pedantic and move with a grace and sense of space that is almost unconscious.


Sprights get the stigmas of both their parents. Like Fay and Gnomes, Spright are not always beloved by their families. This is especially true for Spright, as the clannish Dwarfin side is known to dislike and distrust outsiders, and the Elfin side tends to be overly isolating, so they often do not know their extended family, or are orphans, surrendered by a parent to the temples and thought of as a mistake best forgotten.


Spright are short, with very hairy arms, chest, and legs, but little facial or head hair, if any. They tend towards a thoroughly medium build, with well-defined muscles and highly developed fine motor skills.


With parents who are Elfin and Dwarf, Sprights are considered a perfect pairing of all that is best from the Powers.

Sprights raised in Communes gain and additional skill slot. Sprights raised in a Clan Hall gain an additional crafting skill. Spright gain the language of the heritage in which they are raised.


You have Advantage on saving throws against being charmed or poisoned.


You can see in dim light within 30 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can’t discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.


You have Advantage on Dexterity checks.


You have a Weakness against Spectral Damage.

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