The Voes resembles a stream of bright, sparkling, prismatic sand made of tiny gemstones in a glowing cold plasma. The Voes is The Eternal River, and crosses through every plane and dimension, and is itself a conduit among them, protecting those who travel along its lengths. The Voes is not always visible, nor is it always easy to find – it appears and seemingly moves around according to some greater purpose or reason than mortals can comprehend, and no force can alter it beyond itself. Like the Pale, the Voes is sentient.

When following along it, one must walk either along the banks, which does not ensure safety, or travel within it; quite a dangerous thing as it has peculiar currents and eddies that can trap and drown the unwary. It always appears to be about eight feet deep, may pass through anything, about eight feet wide, and the banks are about four feet wide on either side – it can also flow through the air itself, suspended between one and four feet off the ground, rushing and tumbling along as if disturbed by invisible, unseen rocks beneath its sparking surface. The Voes appears randomly everywhere and anywhere, at any time, according to rules that only make sense to the Source. It is attracted to people who have a strong chance of surviving it, for not everyone does. Within the Voes, one hears whispering in voices from the past, the future, and the present speaking to you, cursing, lying, telling truths, blessing, thanking, condemning, and similar contradictory sentiments.

The Voes always flows through a series of caverns or rooms. They each have the functions of essentially tearing apart anything crossing through them, but how they do it varies. Passing through them is like trying to walk through a foot-thick wall of tree sap. It is sticky, and tough, and the more you push the harder it gets — they have their own speed. One must move with the current or go with the flow. The Voes is a physical path to the other planes, but it does not always flow cleanly, and may pass through several layers of a given plane.

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