Kybele is the most popular and most worshipped of all the Powers That Be.


Kybele is someone no one decent can say anything bad about. She is gorgeous, gracious, elegant, charming, kind to a fault, and yet she is also seemingly distracted, not always grasping things at the first, self-deprecating and apologetic, willing to accept the faults in a meeting as her own. She is considered the epitome of grace and womanliness, and only the most uncouth of people will gainsay her to others.

Centers of Worship

Kybele is of great importance to Sibola, Dorado, and Aztlan. She is the most worshipped, most beloved of all the Powers, and if there was one that people said they trusted, it would be her.

Her patronage of Dorado is a sore spot to many, though she did personally raise her Temple there.


During the God’s War, Kybele personally destroyed the Dread Lord Sakrefis, one of Pallor’s most dangerous generals, though her entire regiment was slain. She collected them and personally raised them all into the night as stars. She often uses Valkyries as messengers. Kybele is said to be the most involved of the Seven in the daily affairs of those who follow her.


Kybele is the currently somewhat estranged partner of Mansa, and she is terrified of Belial. She is not fond of Qetza or Gallae and finds their posturing to be annoying. She grows quiet around Chicory and prefers to be near Ululani and Paria. She is the sister of Gallae, and some believe grandmother of Acacia.


AlternymsParamour, The Beauteous, Europa
AlignmentPattern, Benefice, Balance, Agency, Unity, Dependence, Life
Patron ofAztlan, Dorado
ShrinesAztlan, Durango, Sibola
ColorsBlue, White, Silver
OmensWilted, dead flower
OrdealsSolitude, Ingestion, Cross


Of all the Bright Host, no one is loved more than Kybele. No one is worshipped more than Kybele. Kybele is the prettiest, kindest, most forgiving and generous of all the Powers, and her many followers reflect this. She is known to heal wounds of children without being asked, and to personally show up to feed prisoners and criminals.

She is not, however, without a vengeful side, and she uses the power she has judiciously and exactingly. She is said to punish those who ask her to bring harm to others, even if unintended, but will help those who seek aid not for themselves but for others.

VirtuesEmpathy, Kindness, Caring
SinsMercilessness, Cruelty, Viciousness
ScriptureThe Seven Principles
BaptismRitual bath in goatmilk
PrayerHey Lady, I was hoping you could hear me.
WorshipBow, prayer, request, offering, bow, back out


Weird MarkHer symbol is marked on the forehead
FavorsStrength, Wisdom, Charisma
RestrictionsWomen only, no edged or pointed weapons
RequirementsMust be willing to raise at last two children
PermissionsAny armor
WealsHealing Potions
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