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Incorporates are folks who are only partially here. Some folks exist in this world only from time to time, frozen in place when they are not around, seemingly dead or intangible, like an illusion you can pass through. These people do not always have a clear idea of what they are capable, and find the world shockingly confusing, often not even fully understanding their own abilities, or attempting things from somewhere else that they find never works.

  • What happened that you became stuck here, unable to find your way back?
  • Is this world an immersive VR video game for you?
  • Is your real body still back on Earth?
  • What are you doing in order to incorporate?
  • Do you still have most of your old memories?

It should be noted that folks from times long before Wyrlde and times long after world can all find themselves here. However, Wyrlde is not connected to other worlds, and so things which rely on external capabilities will be absent here. While Incorporates have often tried to create things or make changes using knowledge from that other place, things never work the way they expect them to work, Ever. Physics is not the same, the rules that govern physical properties are not the same.



You only partially exist here, inhabiting a form that is present only when you as a player are part of the game.

Ability Score

You gain a +1 to your Vitality.


You gain 1 skill slot.


You can pick 1 Tool or Kit.


You start with 5 sp added to your wealth.

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