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The Corruptions are something that came about after the God’s War, twisted beings like the Yuma. No lair has ever shown any of them to be in service to a Dread God, but they still seem to have found some source that has twisted them beyond the norm. While the birth of a Yuma from a corrupted person has been witnessed, no one knows where the hellhounds come from, and their twisting is too like the Yuma to be a coincidence.


The Yuma are large, eight to ten-foot-tall, emaciated (young) or grossly thick (well-fed) beings that have some unique powers. They eat only entrails and organs, with a special delight for livers, hearts, and brains. They are usually roughly human in shape, with long, curved nails that end in sharp points, elongated feet that force them to stand on thickened balls and toes with bent knees, and rows of pointed, sharp teeth but no molars.

The most terrifying thing about Yuma is that they were once people, and their forms reflect the rage, the despair, the jealousy, the vices, the horror of their inner selves. Transformation happens over a week, and the first sign is the loss of molars as the new teeth grow in. A common symptom is inordinate hunger that cannot be satisfied normally, along with pain should something other than entrails be eaten. The best tasting entrails come from other people. They cannot eat cooked food, grains, or fruit. As they change, their base desires override their ability to reason, though not their cunning. Yuma heal incredibly fast – they are not too dissimilar from trolls that way.

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