Table of Contents

The Arenas

You may have noticed that throughout the works there is some reference made to the Arenas. An Arena is a loose concept, a broader understanding of things. Clerics and Witches and Shamans may know them more intimately, but most people see the world as a way of serving or operating in one of the five arenas, which are often represented by icons because they are associated with good luck.

The Hearth


The Hearth represents the arena of Home and the Family, the crafts and arts of the household and the simple life.

The Field


This is the arena of the farmstead, the growing and raising and herding and care of animals and crops.

The Hall


This is the arena of politics and leadership.

The Passage


This is the arena of life and death, the space of healing and health, the space of battle and blood.

The Veil


This is the space of mystery and secrets, of liminal things and the planar realms, of knowledge, truth, deceit, and ignorance.

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