Asthalia Wyrldica

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The Summoned are people who were summoned here from elsewhere. Summoned beings arrive naked, in a ritual circle. They have no magical abilities, and they are usually unable to use special abilities they might have had at one time, and so they must start again. As summoned beings, it means that at least one person knows their True Name and has the ability to summon them again.

The location of summoning is always taken as the Homeland of the Character. Most summoned beings face one of three immediate fates: Death, Indenture, or Enslavement. As a result, desperate escape is a fairly common reason for them to be wandering around.

  • What happened? How did you come to be here, unable to find your way back?
  • Are you in your old body or was a new one crafted for you?
  • Do you still have most of your old memories?
  • What were you doing when you were summoned?
  • Who summoned you?
  • How did you escape?

It should noted that Summoned beings have the greatest trouble. During the Age of Myth, a Wizard summoned a being they did not expect, with some long and confusing name. This “Mordy” person was also a wizard, and he was most startled that on his arrival not only had he been summoned, but he was naked and none of his magic as he knew it worked at all. He went mad and was confined in a cell until he vanished mysteriously one day following a visit by Ululani’s Ikon.



You were summoned here from somewhere else. The transition destroyed your previous body and all your possessions and scrambled your mind, leaving you only with scattered bits of knowledge of your previous life, and forcing you to start all over.*

Your earliest clear memory is of the summoning circle in which you arrived.

Ability Score

You start with a +1 to your Heart.


You gain 2 Skills slots.


You gain no kits or tools.


You start with 0 sp to add to your Wealth.

*= Yes, this means that you cannot be summoned from another D&D world and arrive as a class and with abilities not found among the classes of Wyrlde. You may not have thought of trying that, but someone else will and has. Characters of Wyrlde are only characters of Wyrlde. The source of and nature of powers and abilities from the other worlds that the Summoned could come from do not exist here, and so even if you could arrive, nothing would be magical and none of your special abilities, magic, or powers would work anyway.

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