Feeling confused? Perhaps a bit overwhelmed?

Wyrlde is an imaginary place that starts as a colony founded some 1300 plus years from now on a distant planet. Sometime after the colony grew to cover the whole planet, something happened, and ultimately all of it was removed from our universe and set up within The Firmament.

The people who set it aside were not fully aware of what they did, but they liked it so it stayed. That process created reflections, reverberations — versions of everything within the Firmament that were not quite exactly right, like a hall of funhouse mirrors, only it is a self contained universe.

Fast forward a couple thousand years, and you have the planet as it is today, having “fallen back” to an age and a level of technology where swords are still useful and with the added bonus that magic entered the whole.

Wyrlde is created for three purposes:

  1. To enjoy the process of worldbuilding
  2. To enable writing and telling stories
  3. To play a game called Dungeons & Dragons, 5th Edition.

As a result, there are mentions throughout articles and posts of game rules — but these are often changes from the regular game rules. THis is because the rules were set up to match the world — the world did not change to provide for the rules.

As a created world, there is an immense amount of information that went into establishing it, and the way that information is presented does not always explain how or why something is a certain way. For that, there are going to be little posts and some tools and even a few downloads.

The downloads here give you the material as it is posted to the site in a book format — it is a PDF, and honestly, it looks better in that format.

There is more coming — Wyrlde is a living place, and it is set up to enable me, the author, to add to it going forward, as new things and old things I couldn’t get to by my deadlines come up and are finished.

for example, today I spent some time looking into the nature of how to structure certain ecologies, because I plan to do so for the Biomes that Wyrlde has. This will enable me to create a stronger sense of what is there as well as have a better grasp on what animals and creatures are present in different areas. For worldbuilding, this adds verisimilitude,; for writing, it provides a sense of coherence, for story telling it gives a depth; and for game rules it provides the ability to create random encounter tables — which in turn provide for the happy making of creatures and establishing plants to forage for.

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