So, some of you may have noticed that there is a bit of a new look to the site.

I switched Themes. The new theme doesn’t have a featured section, but it does have a nicer overall look outside of that, and the goal for current stuff has been wavering, so this just really made me fix in my mind the overall plans.

So, how do you find stuff?


Specific Article: Use the Indexalia to locate the precise subject.

Chapter: Use the Menu to locate items by Book and Chapter

Heading: Use the Chapter Drop downs.

Other Ways:

If you click on the little icon of lines in the upper right, you get a pop out window in the format of the Indexalia, with some treats at the end..


Just start scrolling down the front page. At the bottom you will find the paging links, and you can access any article according to the date it was published, most recent to oldest.


I am still working out how to do the Tags, I will look into creating a page under the Indexalia that lists all the tags possible, but that will also mean cleaning things up, lol.


This new theme uses a Category Header, that draws from the description of the category. So II am also updating those as I go, and sneaking in little things whenever possible.

Additional Updates

There will be more little changes — font size, colors, little things (look! you can go from a light to dark background in the upper right corner!)


So, current status updates. Still working on spell descriptions and classes. They are on schedule.

Aspects are a nightmare, so I have to defeat the darn guardians first. I did drop a chunk of them into the “later” bucket, for looking at, and they are now on the list for after I finish the Psionics update — this means they will fall into the Ancillaria.

The next chunk is the Ritual Magic section.

After that, will bounce back and forth between spells and Classes. Spells I will upload by Spell Level, classes I will post as I finish them and sigh and decide it is enough.

Surprisingly, it is slightly difficult to get decent images for the headings created, lol. As you may have noticed, every post needs a heading image, and if I don’t have one for it, then the site puts in the background of the header.

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