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Chaos, Benefice, Imbalance, Agency, Unity, Independence, Life


Parabellum, Etragon, Bladelord, Aries, Bataer

Patron of

Durango, Dorado



Weapons Breaking


Seated Pyre, Molten Metal, Arena


Qetza only allows men as Clerics, forbids them the use of any armor, and requires fearlessness in battle. His mark is on the back of their heads, often beneath hair.


Black, Brown, Green









Speed in Battle, Calm in Peace, Hedonism


Cowardice, Hopelessness, Moderation


Set weapon on altar, bow, offering, bow, prayer, bow, retrieve weapon


Single combat to first blood, scar remains


Lord Qetza, I beg of thee hear my plea.


Flowers, candy, braided and woven goods


The Warlord, the Hedonist, the wild man of the Powers, Qetza is many different things, with manly standing out as the first and foremost. He is exceptionally handsome, and his whole body is covered by intricate tribal and knotwork tattoos that he also requires of is Clerics.

He is famous as the strategist of the Bright Host, and is a warrior’s warrior, dedicated to and loving the contest, the challenge, the test, the use of skill of and wit. Yet once the fight is over, he turns to his other proclivities, which in many would be women and wine, and his case is missing the Wo- part.


Qetza is the strange one of the Bright Host. He is the only other man among them besides Mansa, who is his best friend, and he absolutely loathes Belial and Pallor, but is said to think he can win over Timur, his counterpart among the dread host.

He does not get along with Chicory at all, and the two have been known to fight openly, loudly, and with much vigor – much to the dismay and risk of those around them. He is on good terms with Paria, Erishu, and Baen. He is close to Lamia and Gallae, but on a different level.

Centers of Worship

Durango and Dorado are his principle locations, but it is said that most towns and cities have at least one place where men who enjoy leather and his brand of joyful exuberance can be found and a shrine to him is raised. Qetza is also the Patron of the Grand Games, and he is said to have a personal interest in the Dire War.


His followers tend to be large, hairy, boisterous, proud, happy, loving, friendly, and heavily tattooed. They often wear leather clothing and are frequently, like the Power himself, found wearing fur lined vests and leather pants with boots.

He has an entire cadre of women followers, who often are angry at him for not allowing them to be clerics, but he just winks and says “see Lamia”.


“If it ain’t fun, why do it?” is the core summation oof Qetza’s outlook on life, and his approach to everything but combat. His approach there is best described as “Hit it so hard it never gets up and if it lives, will fall over on its own after it sees you.”.

That is pretty much the whole of Qetza’s personality.

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