I’m Ting. Well, Tinghabel, but call me Ting. I am not much for formality.

While I am waiting for my friends to resurrect me, I was asked to hop in here and give you a bit of info on how things work if this was a pretend game. We all know it isn’t, but my Da in the Fairywilde says that games are a favorite thing of folks in Mortality, so I’m gonna do it that way.

There is a secret, though. One I kept my whole life, and probably this new one I have coming.

I wasn’t from here. Like Ara, I’m an Incarnate. I was reborn into this world and imagine my surprise to find I was only two and a half feet tall and had sparkly wings and my Da was a Fae Lord, of all things. Now, I wasn’t much for that when I was alive before, but I had a friend who was really into playing games that are a lot like what it is like to live here.

So, I will be using that to guide you, to help you learn, and hey, if we are lucky, maybe we will run into each other! Ok, yeah, I won’t remember because I’m dead right now, but it would be kinda cool to meet someone that I helped when I was dead.

And if we are both incarnates and from the same place, maybe we can compare notes. There are a lot of places though; mine had these big ole companies that ran everything and we had lasers and computers and err, um, sorry. I get distracted a lot in this life. Everything is so big!

I wasn’t going to talk about magic much, and you wouldn’t want to hear it from me, so I asked my Wizard friend Rafael to pop in when it comes to that part because he, like, gets all that stuff in a way I don’t and wouldn’t want to.

Me? Oh, my job is being a Corsair, which had a really different meaning where I was from before – it was a place called “Earth”. They call me a corsair. I have a sometime boyfriend here, too, though he cusses me out a lot. He hangs out with a Cambion that does Reeve type work in a place called the Hollows over in Durango.

And with that all out of the way, let’s get you into the body you will be using this time around the Cycle…

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